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This cosmetic DIY kit offers 8 perfume bases to smell, evaluate and mix to create wonderful eaux de toilette and perfumes with soft, flowery or oriental blends.

After having formulated their own perfumes in little flasks, children will be able to dilute their deliciously fragranced mixture to create wonderful eaux de toilette! For those who wish to create perfumes, instead of water, they can dilute their creations with pharmaceutical alcohol.

Their favourite formulas can then be put into small multi-coloured vaporisers and carried around to be worn, smelt and shared with loved ones.



Fragranced raw materials presented in this kit

Wooden blend, Jasmin, Rose, Green Base, Violet, Vanilla, Bergamot and Amber Base.

The raw materials from this kit have been selected by a perfume maker and the indicated compositions will help children discover the art of perfume making like true professionals!

Safe ingredients and formulas

This DIY kit has been tested according to the Toy and Cosmetic regulations under dermatological control. All the ingredients and formulas it presents are non-toxic and are completely safe for children’s skin.