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Thanks to this creative and cosmetic laboratory, create 10 colourful and delicately scented bath bombs that will effervesce in your bath so that you can enjoy a relaxing moment.

Because children are fascinated by anything that fuzzes, they will love this homemade activity to create their very own bath bombs in the shapes of flowers, starfish, rocket ships or planets!

A subtle mixture of cosmetic products will be compressed into the different shapes of the mould. Once it has hardened, you can use your creations for a delicately coloured, scented, sparkling and relaxing bath.

This kit will allow you to make 7 bath bombs or 14 bath pebbles. With 1 powder sachet, you can make 1 bath bomb or 2 pebbles.

The instructions sheet also presents an illustrated scientific explanation to the effervescent phenomenon you can observe in your bath.