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  • ✓ The Emraw Single Hole Pencil and Crayon Sharpener with receptacle to catch the shavings works for regular size pencils, crayons and colored pencils.
  • ✓ SPECS: Manual portable pencil sharpener has a round receptacle to catch shavings from pencils and crayons. The single hole accommodates regular sized pencils.
  • ✓ QUALITY: These pencil sharpeners for kids are made from durable plastic that resists breaking. They are just the right size for little hands to manipulate easily. A convenient way for kids to sharpen regular size crayons and pencils.
  • ✓ DESIGN: These pencil and crayon sharpeners for classrooms are designed from brightly colored plastic and include an attached receptacle to capture pencil shavings.
  • ✓ USES: Manual pencil and crayon sharpeners are useful at home or in the classroom. These are good for sharpening pencils, crayons and colored pencils for all types of school work and fun projects.