OPEN THE JOY – The Rainy Day Box


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  • All-in-One Fun: The rainy-day box is the perfect solution to an otherwise boring day stuck inside, either at home or on vacation. This all in one activity kit includes 3 board games, coloring, origami, magic, cards, painting, a wooden construction DIY project, playing cards, jokes, riddles and much more!
  • So many Activities: Over a weeks worth of activities and games in one box!
  • Goodbye Rainy-day Blues: This kit will be sure to make a day stuck inside fun and memorable!
  • Independent and Group Play: Provides hours of entertainment that includes both independent play and family bonding activities.
  • Amazing Activity Book: Includes a 60+ page activity book that has jokes, riddles, games, doodling sheets, and more!
  • Beautiful Packaging: Beautifully packaged in a sturdy suitcase that can store all of the material for years.
  • Making Kids Kinder: Includes over 25 kindness missions to encourage kids to use the activities in this bag to make the people around them happy!
  • 100% Screen-Free Fun: Provides screen-free entertainment for the whole family.
  • DIY: Features a do it yourself wooden motorized merry-go-round construction project to build, paint, and display


  • 60+ Page “Rainy Day” Activity Book
  • 13 Paint Pods (5ml)
  • 2 Paint Brushes
  • Large Canvas (9x7in)
  • Small Canvas (6x4in)
  • 6-in-1 Jumbo Marker
  • 50 Sheets Assorted Colors Origami Paper
  • Googly Eye Hand Puppet
  • 6 Coloring Posters
  • Large Jumbo Origami Game
  • Deck of “Would You Rather” Playing Cards
  • DIY wooden carousel project
  • Magic Exploding Dice Trick
  • Doc Ollie Stuffed Animal Unicorn
  • 3 Tubs of Air-Dry Clay
  • 12 Game Pieces
  • 2 Dice
  • 3 Game Boards
  • Sturdy Carrying Case