PLAY BRAINY – Magical Play Set for Kids with Toy Vacuum Cleaner


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Inspire your little helpers to help you clean up around the house with this interactive, kid-friendly cleaning play set complete with working vacuum.

When kids are little they love helping out, especially when you’re cleaning up around the house. And letting them help makes them feel like they’re participating, helps them build confidence, and encourages good behaviors. That’s why we want to make it even more fun and exciting with the Play Brainy Magical Play Set that comes with all the little toys they’ll need to vacuum carpets, wipe down surfaces, pick up messes, and even sweep the floor. All so they can be big helpers and learn all about cleaning at an early age.

Product Details:

  • Kid’s Cleaning Play Set for Girls and Boys
  • Interactive, Engaging, and Fun Toys
  • Bright and Colorful Aesthetic
  • Real Working Vacuum (See Above)
  • High-Quality, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Great for Solo, Sibling, or Friend Play
  • Designed for Ages 3 and Up