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Perfect Size for Parties: These treat bags are just the right size for candies. Fill them up with tasty treats and hand them out as sweet Easter delights!• Travel-Friendly: Once the party is over, your guests will be happy to take home your favorite cookies, cake pops, cupcakes or other baked goods in these easy-to-carry bags. • Say Thanks with Sweets: Are you looking for an easy way to thank the people in your life? These multipurpose bags filled with great snacks are a sweet way to spread appreciation among party guests, students and teachers, or employees!Product Description:Make Easter morning fun by using these Easter Basket Bags to hide your Easter surprises. Easy to slip over Easter baskets before delivering them to special friends or family members. Each cellophane bag fits a round basket and features a design with colorfully decorated eggs. Accessories not included. © OTCSize: 9 3/4″ x 6 1/4″ x 17 3/4″