HABA – Magnetic Game Town Maze


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The colorful balls are trying to find their way home to their matching garage in this magnetic board game. Help them navigate through the city by dodging roadways that are blocked! Slide the magnetic wand over the plastic cover to guide the spheres along the intersecting tracks to the matching colored ‘home’. 

This toy is a perfect travel toy as it is all one piece – the wand is attached by string! Bring along in the car, to the doctor’s or to a restaurant. 

  • One of the roadblocks must be guided along a track to move it out of the way. The other one can be rotated to allow one sphere through at a time. 
  • Board measures 10″ x 8.75″
  • Magnetic wand tethered to game-board by string – Features storage slot on side of board
  • This STEM toy helps to develop fine motor dexterity, visual spatial skills, counting and color-learning with one fun activity.
  • Suitable for Ages 2 and up.