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  • High-Quality Construction: Supported with a high-quality metal frame and base to ensure stability on a desk or table, Little Chubby One’s Retro Illuminated LED World Globe is built to last through all of your worldly explorations.
  • Informative Details: In addition to countries and bodies of water, the Little Chubby One Globe includes capitals, continental boundaries, regional boundaries and much more. Learning couldn’t be easier when you have this globe at your disposal.
  • Illuminated World Globe: Search for countries or lakes in the dark or use it as a night light when you go to sleep. Not only can you sharpen your geography skills, but the globe is equipped with a built-in LED light so you can illuminate it when needed.
  • Beautiful Decor: You can spin the globe on its axis to find a geographical location or turn on the light to create the perfect ambiance in any room. When displayed on a desk, dresser, table or shelf, this functional globe serves as beautiful decor.
  • Educational Gift: Introduce your little one to the fields of STEM and geography in an illuminating way! This Retro Illuminated LED World Globe will make a great gift for children of all ages on birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.