10 Color Add-On Pack (Complements Starter Kit)


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The 10 Color Pixel Pack is in an add-on to our Starter Pixel Art Kit.  Contains 10 must-have pixel colors not included in the Starter Pixel Art Kit.  More Colors = More FUN creating!

Pix Perfect is a new DIY crafting craze where vibrant sequins are arranged on a pixel board to create shining masterpieces.  The sequins dangle, so they will move & shimmer with the subtle breeze of a nearby fan – creating a beautiful, sparkling effect.  Create favorite characters, animals, seasonal designs, sports team logos and much more. Then change the reusable pixels to create a new design whenever you wish. 

  • 10 Sequin Pixel Colors; 400 each
  • Over 4,000 pieces
  • STEM-Authenticated.  Allows for creativity, problem solving, and strengthening of artistic skills.
  • Ages 6+