Play-Doh Rainbow Cake Set, 7 Cans of 3-in-1 Rainbow Compound (14 oz)



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Create the most rainbowy Play-Doh cakes imaginable! With 7 Play-Doh cans including Play-Doh Rainbow Compound with 3 colors in 1 can, aspiring bakers can squish, shape, and swirl these colors into colorfully magical Play-Doh cakes. Make the pretend cakes in 6 different shapes with the oven mold and cutters, then go wild with decorations! The frosting tower features a spinning turntable for swirls of Play-Doh frosting, and kids can make all kinds of whimsical shapes with the half-molds on the playset. Display the creations in the cake dome, or with the plates and utensils. The playset also comes with 2 double-sided creation cards with step-by-step pictures of more fun things to make. This Play-Doh cake toy is a great activity or gift for kids 3 and up who love rainbows and getting creative with arts and crafts like modeling clay!