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Create colorful displays with this Crayola 35803 5 assorted color neon washable sidewalk chalk. Entertain children and adults alike with the 5 exciting, bright colors. This chalk is great for kids who want to create their own masterpieces or play a game of hopscotch during recess. You can also utilize this chalk by getting creative with your storefront display and drawing customers in. The unique neon coloring sets this chalk apart from traditional sidewalk chalks. This chalk is recommended for ages 4 and up. Each piece of chalk features flat sides to prevent it from rolling away during use. These chalk pieces are large and have easy-grip bodies, which are perfect for hands of all sizes. The triangular tips are great for creating smooth lines from all angles, while the sides of the sticks can be used to shade or color in larger areas, giving these pieces the versatility of multiple pieces. When you’re done, simply wash with water to remove the chalk drawings, or wait until the next rainstorm to create a clean slate.